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Manhasset Raft Up July 10th

Look at the photos from our July 9 raft up and you'll get some idea of just how much fun it was. Six sailboats made the crossing to Manhasset Bay; Anchor boat was hosted by Lorelei and Bob Diamond. Alongside we had Peggy Joe hosted by Sara Levin and John Santalone, Dock High hosted by Andrew Pedvis. Tied up to starboard were Grendel hosted by Jerry Keyes, Ambitious hosted by Pam Michels and Steve Rosenblatt and Bella Ella hosted by Bob Rivituso. We all brought lots of great dishes to share but Deb Norris brought more than any of us could eat.

About 31 friends and family spent a few leisurely hours visting, eating, swimming and watching the Sonar races in the bay. We had a glorious one tack sail back and arrived back at HHYC in near record time.

Many of us were not quite ready to call it a day and of course, we had soooo much food still to eat so we sat down and partyed on the porch for a few more hours.

Everyone agreed it was a special, truly memorable day!

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