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About Horseshoe Harbor

Horseshoe Harbor is a small member run sailing club located in Larchmont's Manor Park.  Horseshoe Harbor is one of the oldest yacht clubs in the United States.
Sailors and water lovers began gathering at this beautifully protected cove in the late 1800's when Larchmont was a popular summer resort. The club was officially organized in 1888 and incorporated in 1890. 
The 12.65 acres that comprise Manor Park are a monument to the foresight and imagination of Thompson J.S. Flint who purchased the 288 acres that comprise the Village we know as Larchmont.
Flint set aside six acres along the main waterfront of Long Island Sound from "Steep Rock" including Horseshoe Harbor and the Cedar Grove to be forever designated, laid out, ornamented and kept as a pubic park for the residence to use for leisure activities. 

This ruggedly beautiful park quickly became a a draw to yachtsman and weekend sailors who used the simple building at the rim of Horseshoe Harbor as a meeting place. Mr. Flint had no objection to this use as long as the building was cleaned up and set for Sunday morning religious services.
Thanks to the efforts of the Larchmont Historical Society, a large photographic collection of our club's 124-year history is viewable at the above link. 


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