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Kayak links & resources

Here is a list of upcoming events and helpful links in the area for kayakers:

4th of July Kayak Quickstart Safety Basics & On-the-Water Games 10:30-12:30 pm with Jean Kostelick ACA InstructorPlease RSVP by July 2nd

Boothill Cup Race August 12th :

Marine Forecast A weather forecasting resource we like; put in your city/zip and be sure to scroll down and click on the marine forecast!


General information (lots of it) about kayaking:

Atlantic Kayak Tours "Expert Center" online

Maine Kayak:  Sea kayak trips in Mid-Maine

Wonderful resource! The Complete Sea Kayaker's Handbook by Shelley Johnson


Local kayak outfitters we love (great places to learn and paddle!!):  in NYC  on the Hudson River  Stamford CT


One more great reason to join the American Canoe Association (ACA)… just an hour away, summer camp for grown-ups and a great place to bring your boat and BBQ:

and our personal (awesome) experiences there:


Repairs for fiberglass kayaks (or for your own gorgeous bespoke kayak!), our friend

Dan Thaler of Moonlight Marine


Nelo surfski info:

Excellent resource for how-to articles, classifieds, and more:


"Connyak" local sea kayaking community and classifieds ads


Kayak Paddle Float by NorthWater: A variation on the paddle float we used, slightly more expensive because it has several camping/car-topping uses:


The NorthWater brand float I have:


NorthWater brand rescue stirrup (there are others out there.. google)


NRS water shoes/boots with good thick soles (personally, we avoid anything with laces or loops):


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